Preventive Care

Preventive Care

Deep Cleanings

At Dentihealth we offer to our new patients an in-depth (complete) periodontal health examination. Periodontal disease comes from gingivitis (gum inflammation) not being treated. Over time untreated gingivitis will turn in to periodontitis. The gums that surround the tooth will become inflamed allowing pockets to form around each tooth. These pockets will make room for bacteria to harbor, which in turn allows tartar to form under the gums. This will lead to the loss of bone surrounding teeth and eventually will lead to loss of your teeth. This process is irreversible but can be stopped and maintained for years to come.

In presence of periodontal gum disease treatment done in 4 quadrants (sections) to remove excess tartar build up. This gum disease treatment is called scaling and root planning. Once the bacteria and tartar are removed from the pockets the gums can tighten back up around the tooth. Our innovative program that costs much less as compared to traditional only 2 visits approach has been proven to be very successful in returning gums to health and maintaining it.

The basis of oral (dental) health is good periodontal condition of the gums, which are the foundation of a perfect smile.


Bi-yearly maintenance cleanings. Dental cleanings involve removing plaque and tartar deposits that have built up on the teeth over time to keep your smile bright and healthy. In some situations i.e. while having braces or after having gone through periodontal treatment (deep cleaning) we may recommend cleaning every 3 or 4 month.

Limited Exams

Patients who have a problems limited to a single tooth or want just one area addressed without comprehensive treatment plan can be seen as a walk in. Patients in pain are seen the same day and in most cases treatment can be started same day also.

Comprehensive Exams

Full detailed oral evaluations are performed to give the patient a full understanding on the condition of each and every individual tooth. We adress all aspects of oral health. Patient will have a chance to talk with the doctor and support staff about their dental needs. After comprehensive exam we will provide written treatment plan with recommended sequence and time frame for each procedure. Also, patient will recieve detailed cost of treatment and financial arrangements will be made for patients that wish to address that before treatment begins. It is the most important step in treatment planing as it provides “road map” to bringing patient to health and helps to maintain it.

Oral Cancer Screening

A procedure done during the comprehensive exam. The patients oral tissues will be examined for any changes or abnormalities.

Digital X-rays

Our state of the art digital radiography helps the dentist diagnose problems with higher quality images. Digital radiography has uses fraction radiation as compared to traditional x-rays and images are immediately displayed on a computer screen where they can be further enhanced as needed. That benefits both the patients and the staff.


When permanent teeth first erupt they have deep grooves on the biting surface. In children at that point due to diet and poor manual skills the risk for cavities is very high. These teeth can be sealed and protected with a coat of bonding releasing fluoride to keep cavities at bay.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride aids in the prevention of tooth decay. It makes each tooth more resistant to acid produced by bacteria in our mouth. Acid from plaque, bacteria, and sugars in the mouth softens the enamel leading to cavities. We can evaluate and help to choose the most effective type of fluoride treatment for each patient.

Mouth Guards/Night Guards

Dental guards help to protect your teeth from trauma, grinding, and clenching. Mouth guards are customly made to fit your teeth to wear during sports and offer added protection from injury. Night guards are custom made to help protect teeth from grinding during sleep or offer help with snoring.


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